Ultra-Portable MacBook Pro Announcement At MacWorld?

MacWorld is right around the corner and roughly translated that means “let the predictions and rumors begin.” I’m not going to be doing any predictions today, I’ll probably be doing that a little bit closer to the MacWorld keynote but I will address a rumor that was going around last week.

After a report on CNBC all of the wonderful Apple blogs (I know I talk about Apple products but I don’t consider myself an “Apple blog” because I usually don’t jump on stories quite as quickly as others do) started talking about it. The rumor was that Apple will be introducing a ultra-portable MacBook Pro that would be about 0.5 inches thick, have a 13.3 inch or less screen, and have a SSD instead of a regular hard drive.

This rumor has been going on for quite some time but when CNBC reports it, it gives a little bit more credibility to the story. I personally believe that this rumor is true, it is very likely that an ultra-portable notebook would sell very well especially if it is priced at $1,500 (which is what the rumor is saying).

Many blogs have reported that the ordering of LED-backlit screens sheds more truth the the rumor but don’t think that that is really true, you see, the 13.3″ MacBook doesn’t have LED-backlit displays although the 15.4″ MacBook Pro does. I think that the ordering of LED-backlit screens is just Apple deciding to start selling MacBooks with LED-backlit displays.

We’ll see how this rumor pans out come January, I do think that ultra-portable notebooks could be on the agenda but I’m not willing to bet on it.

By the way, this rumor has been going on for some time, if you remember about a month ago I wrote this post.


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