Apple May Introduce an Ultra-Portable Notebook at Macworld

An ultra-portable Mac notebook has been rumored ever since the end of the 12″ Powerbook.

I personally have always loved smaller notebooks, I mean, the whole reason of having a laptop is its portability.

Well, anyway, the ultra-portable Mac rumor has started up again. This time the rumor comes from AppleInsider who says that the ultra-portable Mac will have a 13″ screen with LED backlighting, will weigh 50 percent less than the current 15″ MacBook Pro, and will use solid state storage. The ultra-portable will also be missing an optical drive to maintain a slim design.

The ultra-portable MacBook Pro is supposed to debut this January at MacWorld.

I’m not really sure if I buy the rumor, basically because it has been the same rumor for what seems like forever. I would love to see an ultra-portable notebook but I am not really sure if it will show up.


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