Remove 3-play Restriction From Zune Sharing

With the latest firmware of the Zune, Microsoft has done away with the restriction of 3 days to listen to that song that your Zune friend sent to you, but the 3 play restriction is still there.

A workaround has been found so that you can wirelessly share songs with your friends without your friend having to deal with the 3 plays restriction.

All you have to do is change the genre of a song to “Podcast” and than add the song to your Zune library.

The song will be listed under Podcasts but when you send the song to your friend, and he/she syncs the song back to their computer all they have to do is change the genre back to whatever they want it to be and re-add the song to their Zune library.

There you have it all, thanks to for finding the workaround, it is fairly simple but pretty cool.

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