I Second the Motion, Leopard Makes Me Mad Too

That’s right, Leopard makes me mad! I don’t know exactly if it is Leopards fault but I do know that there isn’t any explanation for what I’m about to tell you, Leopard completely, and I mean completely crashes on me, almost weekly.

Now this isn’t just a kernel panic, where I can hold down the power button to shut off the computer and turn it back on again and everything works fine, oh no no no, this is the kind of crash where one day I decide to turn my computer on and it WILL NOT boot into the desktop.

Like I said before, this happens almost weekly, I fairly sure there is nothing wrong with my hard drive, or my computer because a few times when I reinstalled I used “Archive and Install” and all of my data was intact and worked fine, so the only thing on my hard drive that was screwed up was Leopard itself.

I’ve mentioned the problem before (here), but I figured it was just an isolated incident and that everyone else was just peachy keen with Leopard, than I read “Leopard is the New Vista, and It’s Pissing Me Off.”

Now, Oliver Rist doesn’t seem to have quite the problems that I do with Leopard but it did make me realize that Leopard isn’t really that perfect.

3 or 4 times already I have had to completely reinstall Leopard from the ground up, preforming a format of the hard drive I am using (including writing zeros across the entire disk, just to make sure). Luckily Time Machine had my back and I was able to retain my data (I’m starting to think that this is the reason Time Machine was included in Leopard).

I don’t exactly know what to do though, I don’t know if it is time for a new computer, time for a new hard drive, or time to switch back to Tiger. The problem with switching back to Tiger is that, well, I feel that I won’t back up unless I have Time Machine and that means that if I AM wrong and it IS my hard drive, I could be in for a catastrophic disaster.

If any of you out there are having similar problems or are having problems at all with Leopard leave a comment I’d like to know how frustrated Leopard is leaving people.

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