TiVo and Nero Announce PC Based DVR Solution

TiVo is partnering with Nero to develop a TiVo-like DVR solution for the PC to compete with other software-based DVR products from Microsoft, Snapstream and SageTV.

This is a very interesting idea, Nero has been very successful in the software market and TiVo is the premier DVR maker, bringing them together to make a PC DVR solution will be quite interesting.

TiVo’s press release quotes TiVo’s CEO Tom Rogers saying:

“This agreement provides TiVo with an opportunity to deliver its interface and differentiated feature set globally via the PC, enabling TiVo to use all avenues of mass distribution — from consumer electronics, to cable and satellite boxes and soon, the PC.”

TiVo hasn’t been incredibly successful in the REAL DVR market, meaning they haven’t done very well selling their DVRs to cable and satellite companies (which is where most of the money is). This quote basically says that TiVo is looking for some more revenue streams and they think that this is the way to do it, I do agree with him.

I hope that the software comes out very well, I love TiVo DVRs and would like to have one, but I don’t really see spending $300+ on one, but spending $50 on a software package along with about $75 on a PC TV tuner isn’t a bad way of getting TiVo into my home.

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