Pirating Software – Mac Edition

want to explain myself before I go on with this post. I feel as though it is important to understand how software piracy works, this isn’t to show how you can pirate software but to show you what software pirates do so that you can either help stop it (if you make software) or realize that it isn’t really worth it and maybe you will pay for software or (as I am doing) use free alternatives.Today I’m specifically talking about software piracy on the Mac.

The website serialz.to (I’m not linking to them, they MAY have pornographic ads and POSSIBLY spyware/viruses, you can’t be too carful) allows you to download an application that read database files that include serials to an assortment of software applications. Just like any other Mac program, you download it and drag it into your applications folder. Then you download the database file, unzip it, and double click on it to open the application. The application then allows you to search through the database finding the serial numbers for the application.

Some of the serial numbers in the application are not up to date and don’t work, soon after a serial is known to the public the application developer will not allow you to download the version that the serial works on and put out a newer version of the application where the serial number does not work (leaving many software pirates frustrated).

At one point in my life there were a few applications that I did pirate, but often times I would download an update to fix a bug I was experiencing with the program and the program would no longer work because the serial was left invalid. I do not condone software piracy at all, I have realized that the hassle involved in pirating software isn’t worth it and the $20 or whatever to purchase the program isn’t really that bad of a deal.

After pirating for a few months I realized all of this and decided to change my ways, it has been quite some time since I’ve pirated software and I feel a lot better about it. I always felt a little guilty about pirating software but as the software upgrades and the searching for new serials for programs went on I felt worse and worse about what I was doing.

I still don’t have a whole lot of extra money to purchase very many applications with so what I decided to do was to start using free applications instead.

I’m not going to go through all of the applications that I am now using on my computer because this post is already long enough, but I do plan to write a post where I will go through all of the applications that you can download and use completely free (some of which are even open source). Look for that post sometime in the near future.

oh, and…

Don’t copy that floppy!


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