Pics and Benchmarks of the Upcoming Nvidia Geforce 8800GT Leaked

So the Geforce 880GT is getting closer and closer to launch and that means that leaked pictures and benchmarks are starting to show up on the internet. The performance is looking pretty good on the card which will likely be a really great buy for those who like themselves some pretty PC gaming but don’t really want to spend a fortune.

I currently am using a 7800GT and I think that this card would be a likely upgrade for me. Especially since I’m planning on grabbing myself a copy of Crysis.

By the way, the Foxconn card is running a 600MHz core clock and 1800MHz for the 512MB of memory.

MSI Geforce 8800GT Picture
Foxconn Geforce 8800GT Picture
Geforce 8800GT Benchmarks

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