iPhone Ads Say June 29th Release Date

Apple has released 3 iPhone ads that are running on TV now, but you can also seem them on the Apple.com website here.

They are pretty cool, showing off some of the more interesting features of the iPhone. The music is a little weird but all in all they are cool.

The Ads also give a little bit of interesting information that we didn’t know until they were released and that is when the iPhone will be available. That will be June 29th. Just making it in the month of June.

This is great news and cool ads but there has been some buzz around the internets that there won’t be very many iPhones per store when it launches. I’ve heard numbers as low as 40 per store. That isn’t a whole lot and since I have also heard that some AT&T stores have been holding private pre-order lists (which is against company policy) It may be very difficult to get one.

Well I do have the ads here from youtube if you would rather check them out here, videos after the jump.


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[via Gizmodo]

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