Elgato Announces EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Edition

Elgato EyeTV Hybrid 2009 Edition

Elgato has announced a new edition of the EyeTV Hybrid USB TV Tuner. The new version includes improved reception of over the air signals, a new enclosure, and built-in FM radio tuner. The new tuner has been built in house by Elgato rather than by an OEM (which is how past EyeTV tuners have been made).

The tuner also includes a one-year subscription to television guide information for the EyeTV software ($20 a year regularly). The tuner itself isn’t the only thing being updated though, the EyeTV software has also seen some improvements including more information in the guide, coming from the switch from TitanTV to TV Guide information. The new software also allows you to subscribe to a season pass of your favorite show so that the software will record every new episode of the show.

EyeTV Hybrid.

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