Macworld Expo 2009 Predictions

The Keynote is today and since John Gruber has reminded me that according to FCC regulations all Mac-related websites must publish MacWorld predictions. So here are mine.

I expect the iMac and Mac Mini to get processor, hard drive, RAM, and graphics card updates (the new Nvidia chipsets).

I expect to see the new 17″ MacBook Pro that has been rumored to have a fixed battery.

I expect to see iLife and iWork ’09 but I don’t expect them to be going online (but I do think there will be more integration with all of these apps and MobileMe).

I expect to see more info on Snow Leopard, at the very least a rough estimate as to when it would be released.

I expect to see updates to the rest of the Cinema Display line.

I expect to see significant increases in the amount of DRM free content in iTunes.

I don’t expect to see any more announcements but who knows, it isn’t crazy to think that Phil Schiller could come out and show off the iPhone Nano (but I really doubt it).

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