New MacBook Pro Design Gets Photographed

Update x2: 9 to 5 Mac brings to light the possibility that JR is a faker. Remember back before the Let’s Rock event a JR photo showed up showing off a new iPod Nano that was later found to be fake. Just keep that in mind while looking at these photos. (the photo below is the fake by JR, the distance between the bottom of the device and the click wheel is too small and clearly fake).

Update: Many people around the net have noticed that the image above doesn’t show a button underneath the trackpad, meaning that if this image is real the notebook would instead use tapping the trackpad to perform mouse clicks.

Tomorrow is the Apple notebook event and someone has been able to (allegedly) take a photo of the new MacBook Pro design.

The photos looks pretty legit but I still wonder why all these spy shots are never taken by anyone who is capable of holding the camera still. It is a great looking design though and seems to incorporate the new case designs that have already practically been confirmed.

Oh, and by the way, The Boy Genius claims that a source guaranteed a $899 low end price point.

The Boy Genius Report

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