New MacBook Pro Design Details

There was an image going around the net a few days ago of what was claimed to be the next design of the MacBook Pro. I never posted the image here because I thought it was clearly fake. But, Jason O’Grady has heard that the new MacBook Pros will keep its boxy-look and won’t be adopting the tapered edge design that seemingly all of the new Apple designs have been getting. This does contradict previously leaked information saying that the MacBook Pro would be getting the tapered edge.

O’Grady also believes that the new MacBook Pro will be “as much as a half-inch narrower” than the existing model and will be thinner. The bezel around the screen will be smaller.

There are also indications that the new Macbook Pro will have the newer style MacBook-like keyboard and a slightly smaller trackpad.

Jason O’Grady

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