Kroll Is Released In App Store

Digital Legend’s Kroll has finally been released to the App Store. The developer provides this feature list:

  • KROLL will immerse gamers in amazing 3-D action with its groundbreaking technology built explicitly for the iPhone touch screen with its full graphics capabilities.
  • Epic environments enhance the iPhone gameplay experience with hectic fighting at the mountainside, inside molten magma mines, and high above active volcano in magical floating prison. To learn the secrets behind the legend of KROLL, gamers must conquer mythic enemies and creatures.
  • Bash’n’Crush your way through nine hectic levels destroying ever increasing amount of enemy hordes and play through awesome cinematic boss battles.
  • Extend your experience through 3 difficulty level (Normal, Hard and Insane) for more and more crushing action. Scoring system keeps track of your progress.
  • iPhone and iPod touch special features: Use the accelerometer of your device to activate special attacks and the touch screen for controlling your character.

The game looks gorgeous but one of the problems I am having with it, in regards to my decision on to buy it or not, is that I haven’t seen anyone talking about gameplay. It seems everyone is spending all their time talking about how this game is the best looking game for the iPhone but I haven’t seen anyone talking about how fun it is to actually play. If this game is fun then that is one thing but I’m not going to spend $7.99 on a game thats only purpose is to show off your device.

Kroll ($7.99)

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