Summizer Brings Twitter Searching Native to the iPhone

<update> I downloaded the app and have had some time play around with it. First impressions:

  • Surprisingly speedy over the EDGE network.
  • Tweets are displayed very efficiently allowing for more tweets per page than many other Twitter apps on the iPhone (browser based and otherwise).
  • Top trends displays 10 topics which means you have to scroll to see the last one, it would have been nicer if it was only 9 topics because it would fit nicer on the screen.
  • App seems incredibly stable and I haven’t encounter any bugs or hangs when doing any of the searches I performed.
  • Top trends are updated each time you access the feature and the topics change much more frequently than I thought they would.
  • Comes with two default saved searches “summizer” and election.”


Not only did Twitter release some design changes to their website but Mustache Inc released an iPhone application that will get all of you Twitter addicts pretty darn excited.

The application is called Summizer and basically puts the power of Twitter Search on your iPhone (I know that their is already an iPhone formatted version of the web site but Summizer makes it even nicer).

Summizer uses the Twitter Search API to look through the database for tweets related to your search terms. You can also save searches that you perform routinely so you won’t have to retype them in every time you want to access the updated results.

Summizer lists the latest topics that Twitter users have been tending to talk about recently so right now you might see that Twitter users are talking about Sarah Palin and on October 14th you might be seeing them talk a lot about MacBooks.

Right now the application is only available at 1.0 but an updated version (1.1) has been submitted to the App Store that will add the ability to visit links from within the application and the introduction of automatic updates on searches.

The application costs $4.99 (which I think is a little high) but will bring a lot of relief to those who have been waiting for Twitter to bring back track. This application would fit very nicely inside of a Twitter updating app (like Twitterrific), the idea of being able to reply to tweets that you find in search results from within Summizer is a great one but for now we’ll have to settle for those two apps being seperate.

Summizer (via TechCrunch)
App Store Link

Application screenshots after the jump.

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