EA Releasing New iPhone Games and Existing Game Updates

EA has announced some iPhone game upgrades and more games are coming soon. The three games that have already been released by EA are Scrabble, Tetris, and Sudoku. Scrabble will be getting an upgrade to play multiplayer over Wifi and accelerometer features which will let you shake up the letters on your tray by shaking your phone.

Tetris will be getting a new feature which will let you draw the upcoming piece right on your screen (your guess is as good as mine).

EA will be releasing Need for Speed (excited), Tiger Woods 09 (I hope there isn’t any accelerometer swinging because that could be terrible), Monopoly, and Spore Origins.

I haven’t seen any dates as to when these other games will be released or when the updates are coming but I would guess you could expect some of them within a week or two.


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