Dell Inspiron Mini Now Called “Dell E”

What many have been calling the Dell Inspiron Mini has finally been revealed as the Dell E (not necessarily set in stone, but that is what they’re calling it). The new notebook line will come in two types, a 8.9″ model and a 12.1″ model called the “E Slim.”

The E Slim looks like it will compete more with the MacBook Air and the X300 while the 8.9″ model will be competing with the Eee 900. The device should be released sometime in August/September.

All of the notebooks will be running Linux or Windows XP (presumably chosen by the customer).

The Dell E will have a price starting at $299.

All of these small notebooks should be making Palm think twice about their choice to cease production of the Foleo (which I wanted really bad), but what makes me so frustrated in this whole situation is the fact that Engadget gave the Foleo such a terrible review and yet now they seem to be falling all over themselves over ever single new small notebook that gets announced.


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