More Supposed Leaked 3G iPhone Shots

I don’t want to spend too much time on this because I don’t believe that these pictures are actually real. It shouldn’t take too long to find out, cease and decist letters should start flying this morning, if they don’t, then one would assume it is fake.

Reasons I believe it’s fake:

  • Strange choice of icon next to Carlos Rodriguez’s name.
  • Speaker placement on the bottom of the phone doesn’t look like it is pointing down, instead looks like it is pointing back, one of the big things Steve mentioned about speaker phone on the iPhone is the fact that it doesn’t get muffled when you place your phone on your desk.
  • No lock button on top of Product (RED) phone.
  • Why would Apple need to build iChat for Windows? especially when iChat is already compatible with AIM.

Click Through to see the rest of the pictures.


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