Early Details On 3G iPhone

Engadget is saying that they have “it on authority that the second-gen iPhone is already well into testing, and numerous unites are floating around in super secret pockets.”

They say that a trusted source had a chance to play with one and mentioned some things about it.

  • The second generation iPhone will be about the same size and only a little bit thicker than the first generation
  • It will have 3G and Real GPS
  • The back of the phone is no longer metal, the whole thing is glossy black and the volume buttons are now chrome.
  • Battery is still not user replaceable.
  • The headphone jack is no longer recessed.
  • The screen on the device is about the same size and resolution.
  • No info on storage capacity or battery life.

Engadget also said that it could be available as early as July and that nearly all of this info could change at any moment, remember it’s still far from being finalized.

So why would I buy this?

Well, I probably wouldn’t, 3G doesn’t matter to me in the area I live, I probably won’t be seeing 3G for another 2 years or so. GPS isn’t really anything I would care about because I don’t travel much and when I do I like to have a paper map and some directions as a hard copy, if I’m in a pinch though the triangulation that I get with my current iPhone is plenty. I personally like the back of the iPhone now, I know that the metal isn’t exactly the best for the antenna but I like the looks of it. I only use the headphones that came with the iPhone and I don’t care about being able to replace the battery.

Overall it doesn’t look like I would really be compelled to buy the new iPhone, the current phone is just fine for me and since the 3G iPhone is going to be running the same software as the iPhone I have, there just isn’t a thing that I need from this next generation.

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  1. iphones are good to use but they seem to be risky too. Buying as iphone is not the problem but maintaining it in a good state is considered. The message given is interesting.

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