Psystar’s President Says That The Company Is The Real Deal

Forbes managed to get an interview with the man behind Psystar. You remember Psystar as that seemingly crazy hardware vendor that has decided to start selling “OpenComputers” with Apple’s OS X preinstalled, a well equipped one can be had for only $555.

Psystar’s President Rudy Pedraza insists that his company is the real deal. “It’s not that we can’t provide the product or [that] Apple can stop us from providing the product. The truth is, we can’t process your credit card.” This was said in response to the fact that Psystar’s payment gateway disappeared late last week when news of fraudulent dealings swarmed around the internet. Pedraza says that they were able to process a large number of orders before their payment system was put on hold and that they just moved into a new facility after a few address changes on the Psystar website.

I’m not going to tell anyone that they should purchase a computer from Psystar, in fact I would rather people wait a bit until some reviews of units actually start to come out, or some actual proof that they are going to ship them starts to materialize.


Picture above is from Gizmodo, and is of the Psystar sign in the new facilities window.

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