Time Machine Backups Over Airport Disk Not Supported By Apple

So with the recent Airport Extreme Base Station update a wonderful little feature showed up, you could now choose Airport Disks for Time Machine backups. So many people thought that this must have been some sort of mistake or that Apple finally released a feature that was originally supposed to be included in Leopard.

It turns out that this is an unsupported feature, which is very surprising since it was supposed to be their in the first place.

So should you use it to backup your computer? Maybe, maybe not, I personally wouldn’t use it but that’s because currently Time Machine is my only backup, but I think if you had multiple backups and you tested the Airport Disk backup a few times to make sure it was working right, I don’t think you would have any problems with it (don’t quote me on that).

Remember that if YOU have any problems using this feature and you end up losing all of your data it isn’t my fault, and just because you can’t go to Apple about it doesn’t mean that it is my fault, I don’t THINK you will have any problems, but I wouldn’t rely on it myself.


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