Adding Tumblr Into This Blogs RSS Feed

So I’ve been playing around with Tumblr a little bit and I AM LOVING IT. Tumblr makes it so easy to post and I’ve been posting for a day or two.

But, I’m trying to figure out how I can integrate Tumblr into this blog and I’m not sure how, what I’ve been thinking about doing is putting a little RSS feed reader in the sidebar to the blog so that you can see what I’ve been posting about but I’ve also been thinking about using something like Yahoo! Pipes to combine this blogs RSS feed and the Tumblr RSS feed into one, this way my RSS feed would be a little bit more like Daring Fireball’s (I’ve always loved that blog) in which you would get the regular posts from this blog but you would also get links to other places around the internet and short comments on other peoples articles.

Tell me what you think of the idea, I know there are quite a few people who read the RSS feed and I wouldn’t want to upset them by rolling this new combined feed into the regular FeedBurner feed, so (especially if you are subscribed to the RSS feed) let me know what you think of the idea by commenting below and I’ll decide what to do from there.

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