Rumors of a PS3 Price Drop

There have been rumors of a PS3 price drop ever since news came that the cost of manufacturing a PS3 was down to about $400.

Yesterday came news via kotaku that a Best Buy in Sterling, VA was having a managers special of 40GB Playstation 3’s for $299.

Not only that but the last time there were rumors of a Playstation 3 price drop Sony denied it, and shortly after denying it they went ahead and dropped the price. Out of the Register we learn that Sony is denying the price drop which isn’t exactly confirmation either way.

I really think that it would be smart for Sony to drop the price another $100, I don’t exactly doubt that they could financially and it wouldn’t hurt the Blu-ray format one bit, especially since the cheapest stand-alone Blu-ray players are going for around $330 on Amazon right now. Undercutting the price of other players while giving the customer a gaming machine for that price would be viewed as one heck of a value to consumers.

Let’s hope this dream will come true, I wouldn’t mind having a PS3 in my home theater.

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