MacBooks and MacBook Pros To Get Multi-Touch Trackpads

MacRumors has reported a few times that the multi-touch trackpad (debuting with the MacBook Air) will soon be found in MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and I say “duh.”

Speculating that the multi-touch trackpad will be in the MacBook and MacBook Pro is like saying that Intel’s next line of processors will be faster than previous models.

Of course Apple will be adding these new trackpad features to these notebooks the only question is… when?

MacRumors says that the MacBook Pro is due for an update and it is likely that the MacBook Pro will see the new trackpads before the MacBooks, although they also mention that the MacBook Pro did see a small update in November 2007.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the next few weeks but I don’t really think that we will see it in the MacBook for a month or so after we see it in the MacBook Pro. According to the MacBook Pro is overdue for a replacement but the MacBook may not see an update for 3 months or so.

I would love to see these multi-touch trackpads in action, my only problem with these new trackpads though is that the button under the trackpad is much smaller than on my MacBook (which may make me a little frustrated for a bit).

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