NBC Content Coming Back to iTunes?

You may have read a couple of quotes recently regarding Apple and NBC, if not they are as follows:

“We’ve said all along that we admire Apple, that we want to be in business with Apple” – NBC CEO Zucker

“We’re great fans of Steve Jobs” – NBC CEO Zucker

“We’ll put it back together on the TV thing. Everybody lost. But NBC is a great company, and Apple is a great company” – Steve Jobs

This (to me at least) could mean one of two things, what everybody is saying, basically that these quotes mean that Apple and NBC are going to patch things up and NBC TV shows will be put back in iTunes…


You know when you were a kid and someone called you a name and you replied with “and I was just about to give you all my toys.” This scenario could be exactly what Jobs and Zucker are doing, now I’m not claiming that this is for sure what they are doing I’m just trying to see the other side of things.

Jobs and Zucker are obviously upset with each other over the situation, neither one of them wants to budge, so why not publicly say that what the other one did was dumb (of course it wasn’t said straight out like that).

Of course it would be in both companies best interest for NBC’s shows to be back in iTunes, NBC would have another revenue source and Apple would be giving their customers one more reason to use iTunes and get in that whole “Apple world.”

I hope that this is the case, but let’s not forget that without those writers coming out of that strike we won’t really have much good content from any of the television studios.

(quotes from the Financial Times and Business Week)

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