Hulu Adds HD Video

Hulu is now offering HD videos using H.264 encoding and taking advantage of the latest version of Adobe Flash allowing for H.264 playback.

Currently the selection of HD videos is very limited only offering a hand full of movie trailers. I assume that eventually they will begin offering other content as well, I sure hope so at least, I would love to be able to watch The Office and other shows in HD on my computer.

The videos have a 1280×720 resolution and require a 2.5 Mbps Internet connection. Oddly the embed feature is missing from the HD videos, if it was there I would embed one of the HD videos but instead I guess I’ll just throw in an episode of Heroes.

I do really wish that NBC would come back to iTunes, I miss being able to watch my NBC shows on my iPod, but Hulu is good for what it is, I guess I’ll just have to deal.

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