Google Launches New iPhone Interface

Last night Google rolled out a brand new interface for built specifically for the iPhone.

When you visit with your iPhone you get a toolbar at the top of your screen listing:

Home (search box)
More (docs, sms, goog-411, news, photos, blogger, and notebook)

I have tried it out on my iPhone and it works wonderfully, switching between the various web apps (Gmail, Calendar, Reader, etc.) is incredibly fast and seems like the other apps load in the background so when you need them they are already there (most likely an addition because of the slower EDGE network).

I have a feeling that I will end up using this incredibly often since I seem to live inside of the mobile versions of all of the Google apps while using my iPhone.

If you have an iPhone you really need to check this out because it truly is a great looking and very functional interface.

(Image by TechCrunch)


  1. The iPhone puzzles me, i really dont see what all the fuss is. Why is it only available on 1 network (in the UK anyway)? It just seems to follow the modern trend of trying to put too many gadgets together in one box.

  2. I think the main reason that Apple has decided to go exclusive with its carriers is because they are brand new to the cell phone scene and they thought they might have needed a carrier to really promote the cell phone in the store, otherwise it would have been Apple going at it all alone.

    Another main reason for dealing with only one carrier is visual voicemail, Apple knew that they wouldn’t have been able to get very many carriers on board to build that type of infostructure to accommodate for the visual voicemail.

    Not to mention the idea that this cell phone goes through a ton load of data usage, chances are if I connected my iPhone to another carrier they might cut off my data because I’m going over their “good neighbor policy.” Apple wanted to ensure that the carrier would ACTUALLY give UNLIMITED data to their customers. And, even though there IS a limit to the “unlimited” data on O2 they are also giving you access to a whole bunch of WiFi hotspots, completely free. Without carrier support like Apple has, they never would have been able to make these deals like they have.

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