ATI Radeon HD 3800 Presentation Leaked

MadBoxPC got their hands on what seems to be a marketing presentation for the ATI Radeon HD3800.

The presentation confirms information that has only been rumored until now. The price is set at $150 for the 3850 and $250 for 3870.

Both of the graphics cards are DirectX 10.1 compatible, DirectX 10.1 will be shipping with Service Pack 1 of Windows Vista.

With the release of these two cards the 2900XT will be discontinued. CrossfireX is mentioned in the presentation and Quad Crossfire will be the first DirectX 10.1 QuadGPU setup.

I am pretty confused as to why the 3800 cards aren’t really being talked about that much on the sites that I follow, usually when new graphics cards are coming there are rumors and so on going on all over the internet.

Check out the rest of the slides of the presentation here.

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