Home Theater Dreams

I have always wanted to have a basement with a giant screen, projector, and a great DVD player. What a lot of home theater enthusiasts forget about though is that you need good seating to have a good experience. Yes, audio has to be right, and yes, I know the display needs to be correctly calibrated, but if you sitting on the floor your not going to enjoy it.

I always wanted to have a bunch of recliners as my seating, maybe two rows with the back row raised above the front row to see over their heads, how cool would that be?

Boston Tables has a great selection of Berkline home theater seating that anyone could enjoy. Whether you like leather or fabric you can find it here. Alright the prices are a little high for some of you but just remember, if you are going to be sitting on this thing for hours on end wouldn’t you like to at least be comfortable?

This post was sponsored by Boston Tables

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