Getting imap-like Access to Gmail

So as many of you know I have an iPhone and some of you know, I use Gmail. Gmail is a great email service with a clean interface and just the right amount of features but there is still one problem with it. The single problem that Gmail has is a lack of imap support.

What are you thinking Google? If you put imap support in Gmail you would make millions of people happy (maybe not millions but you get the idea). I don’t really understand why they haven’t put it in, they have pretty much every other feature you would want.

I mentioned my iPhone above, and I mentioned it for a reason. I decided to use my iPhone as my primary email device the only problem is, Gmail. I tried just going through the interface on the iPhone and I go to my Gmail inbox and it is telling me that I have 73 messages (I didn’t have any messages in my inbox online). Not only that but as I deleted messages more and more got downloaded, my iPhone was trying to download every email I have ever received on my Gmail account. How could I fix this problem?

I figured it out, it is kind of hacky but it allows you to get imap access with Gmail (kind of). What I did is set up an email account using this domain. I then had Gmail forward all new emails to this new email address. When setting up the iPhone I had it receive email from using imap. Then I set up the outgoing mail server using Gmail. This way you still get your emails at your Gmail account and when you email out to someone it still comes from your Gmail account.

Brilliant you say? Oh of course.


  1. I’m surprised they still haven’t added this yet. They’ve added POP access and forwarding, but this is still the one killer feature they could add to give them that edge over the other webmail providers!

  2. Deleting emails on your iPhone does not delete them from gmail, you choose how you want that when you set up forwarding or POP access, it gives you the option of keeping the mail in your inbox, deleting it, or archiving it. I have it set to archive so that it doesn’t stay in my inbox but it is still available to me if I need it.

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