The Greatest Gadget of All Time

No I’m not talking about the iPhone however I could be, I won’t know until August 8th. Wired is having a “tournament” to find out what the greatest gadget of all time is.When you get there you get a bracket-like system where you choose the winner between two gadgets, going through 4 divisions and then going through the finals.

After choosing your picks through the whole thing you need to register for your votes to count and then on August 8th at 9PM PST the votes will be tallied and we will find out what the best gadget of all time is.

After going through the whole thing I ended up having to choose between the RCA CT-100 television from 1954 and the Western Electric 500 Phone from 1949. I ended up choosing the phone because that to me is the best telephone that has ever been built in history and the tv was only the first color tv, to me adding color to an already existing technology isn’t good enough.

Help out wired by picking your Greatest Gadget of All Time.

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