John C. Dvorak Enjoys an iMac

John C. Dvorak of recently wrote an article for his PC Magazine column saying that at his new job over at PodShow he is using an iMac. Dvorak says that:

“First of all, the machine is not half bad. It’s very quiet, and it performs as well as the PC on general office applications. Generally speaking, the interface is slicker than the PC’s, and you get the sense that the computer isn’t about to start acting weird…”

He talks about the lack of viruses and spyware on the Mac and also says that he has found himself recommending it to friends.

This is kind of strange because Dvorak has been revered as an Apple hater (I have never called him that, I think he is a great person). Now he doesn’t plan on switching to Mac totally but does think that it is a good option.

Anyway you can read the article which I think is really good, Me and My Mac: More Good Things About Macs.

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