Web Annoyances

No one like intrusive advertising, a few banner ads aren’t bad but when the advertisment gets thrown into the content as if it was part of the content that is just too much. One of these items is intelliTXT, that advertiser that looks at the words on your web site and double underlines some of them and if your mouse touches the word it pops up a window with an advertisment in it.

Why do websites decide to do it, obviously because they want to monitize but isn’t this the worst way to do so. I don’t want to be on a website that bombards me with advertising constantly, especially when I may not even realize that I will be until that darn windows pops up and I have to hit that little X in the corner and hope that it isn’t one of those crazy intelliTXT clones that may take me to the advertisers website because the X is part of the link, like one of those crazy banner ads that look like Winows dialog boxes.

I think that websites should rethink what advertisment programs they use on their website so that we all have a better time on the net.

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