3 New Ways to Upgrade to Vista

Microsoft has announced that they will allow people to download the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. They will also allow downloads of Microsoft Office 2007. Customers will be able to buy the operating system in either 32-bit or 64-bit versions. The downloads will be priced the same as the retail boxed versions but won’t include the manuals or paperwork that comes with the boxed versions.

Microsoft also talked about its Windows anytime upgrade where users would be able to upgrade to a higher version of windows by paying the difference between what they have and what they want. Since the all of the versions of the operating system come on a single DVD all they need to do after paying is pop in their DVD and run the upgrade.

The third thing they talked about is for a limited time between January 30 and June 30 customers who buy the retail version of Windows Vista Ultimate can pay an additional $49.99 each they can install Windows Vista Home Premium on up to two computers in the same household.

Podcasting, Zune! Oh, Wait no

On the Zune.net | Pass It On page over their on Zune.net they have an interesting sponsor. NPR podcasts, not only that but they also talk about sharing podcasts with your Zune. Could this be coming soon? I hope so. I’ve actually really liked the look and feel of a Zune and thought it was something I would buy if I didn’t want a iPod. I really hope that Microsoft begins to add podcasting support to its Zune market place because that would help all the podcasters out but would also turn peoples thinking that you can only get podcasts if you have an iPod into: anyone can listen to podcasts.

10 People Fired after Wii Death

Recently a radio station thought it was a good idea to have a competition to see who could go the longest without going to the bathroom after drinking a bunch of water. The radio station was aware of the dangers of water intoxication but went on with the competition anyway. The winner got a Nintendo Wii.

One women who entered the competition ended up dieing from water intoxication. 10 people from the radio station were fired afterwards.

I think that the competition was outrageous but even more upsetting was that the radio station knew of the dangers of water intoxication and went on with it anyway. It just makes you think what a Nintendo Wii is really worth though. Why are people so in love with this thing that they are willing to enter a competition where they hold their Wii as long as they can.

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Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux

On Tuesday Adobe released the final version of Flash Player 9 for Linux. They promised and they delivered. This is big news for Linux fans because  this is one of the first companies to fully support Linux for a proprietary format. I think that Adobe is doing the right thing here and that Linux fans will be very happy with the new player.

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Logitech Harmony 880

After dealing with the WordPress upgrade I today, received a Logitech Harmony 880 in the mail that I ordered about a week ago. I’m not trying to drool all over the keyboard right now but its hard not to. Not much to say about it right now because I’ve only had about an hour to play around with it but I will say this, anyone who has a home theater set up with 3 or more items on it you should spend a little bit of cash on a good universal remote to unclutter your coffee table.

Horrible Problems Upgrading to 2.0.7

Well I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7 and had some problems along the way. In the upgrade I ended up losing a few posts some how. I’m not a giant WordPress geek so I think I’m going to just not worry about it. I would worry about it but I’m afraid I’d end up losing more info then I gain. Sorry for the confusion if you have linked to something here and sorry about all of it. Thanks for reading.

New Seagate Drive goes 15,000RPM

Seagate introduced a new drive called the Savvio there are two models. They are 36GB and 73GB. They spin at 15,000RPM and using perpendicular recording to become only 2.5″ drives. The drive is shipping but is a Server based product and isn’t being sold as a desktop drive. I can’t wait until I’ll be able to buy a 73GB 15,000RPM SATA drive for my Laptop. It’s coming, I can’t wait.

AMD Announces TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

AMD announced a cable card capable TV tuner. This is big because this means that now, people can get their nice digital cable TV through their computer. I’m personally excited about this because I have a computer in my living room and now I plan to buy this, with a copy of Vista, and a Media Center Remote control. Anyway you can check out more about the device here.

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ASUS External Graphics

Asus unveiled a new module called the XG Station that will allow you to connect most PCIx16 graphics cards to a notebook computer with the computers ExpressCard slot. Asus is saying you will get a 3x increase in performance within games over the latest Intel integrated graphics.
Pricing has not been announced yet but it should be available in the first quarter of 2007 initialing shipping with an Asus 7900GS and some accessories.

Isn’t this a little dumb to anyone else. why does everyone have to have all of their high taxing games with them at all times. Can’t they just buy a shuttle PC and a small LCD Monitor and call it a day? I’m all for games but I don’t understand why people are buying them and never taking them anywhere. Why take your gaming with you if you have to lug this thing around with you. Can’t you do your gaming at home and when your out and about do work. Isn’t that what a notebook is for, to do work on the go.

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Samsung’s 2nd Gen Blu-Ray Player

For $799 Samsung’s 2nd generation Blu-Ray player is a step in the right direction for Blu-Ray. It’s $200 cheaper than the previous version and also incorporates a Hollywood Quality Video (HQV) processor.

The BD-P1200 will output up to 1080p and has a HDMI 1.3 connection. It has a great selection of audio options including 192KHz LPCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS.

The player is set to make it to retail in March.

The “Video iPod” Problem

There are many people who have talked about the rumored “True Video iPod” the only problem is, what will happen to itunes when this iPod is released. Obviously if you are releasing a new iPod then you will be making more widescreen format video available on iTunes, and possibly higher resolutions. The problem comes in when you realize that sooner or later iTunes will have to change, the current 640×480 resolution can’t stand the test of time, especially if you have…[Read More]

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Toshiba Debuts HD-DVD Burner for the Desktop

Toshiba announced the first desktop HD-DVD burner ever and I hope it will come with some software to watch the movies. Quick bit of the specs:
S-ATA interface
8MB Buffer
1x HD-DVD Single and Dual Layer Burning (SLOW)
2.4x Dual Layer DVD Burning
8x DVD-R Singe Layer

Check out the announcement page here which also has full specs.