802.11n Draft 2.0

This is the new IEEE draft for 802.11n this one, if excepted would be what we all wanted because it would allow interoperatability between draft 1.0 and this new one with some minor firmware upgrades. The only problem I have seen with the whole draft-n pre-n stuff is that even if you can achieve interoperatability between the old versions n and the new ones is most people don’t upgrade the firmware on their routers. I don’t know anyone who would actually seek out a new firmware version and install it. If the router works for them, they aren’t going to worry about it.

Voting for this draft will end in March, but after draft 2.0 we still have to go through a third draft. If everything runs smoothly that draft will be set in May then the finilized verison of 802.11n will come in 2008. Well that stinks doesn’t it. Especially since people need 802.11n now with all of the media coming to the living room. Although if you were smart you would just run eathernet throughout your whole house instead, wireless is just to unpredictable.

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Quantum Research Group Sueing Apple

Quantum research group is sueing Apple over the wonderful “click wheel” supposedly violating its patent for “charge-transfer technology.” The legal action began in 2005 but didn’t become public until now. Now if the claim is valid or not I don’t know and still remains to be seen but I don’t think that Apple will let their ingenius click wheel die. Well the click wheel may die with the introduction of the iPhone the new interface for the iPod could be the touch screen. I think that Apple may end up settling out of court like many of their other law suits but we’ll have to wait and see.

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Building a New Computer

There is just something special about a geek building a computer. I recently was asked by my mother to build her a new computer, she had had her Dell for about 3 years or more now and thought it was about time, especially since when she got it it was on sale because it was an older configuration that they wanted to get rid of.

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that I finished getting all of the parts so that I could build it, due to a UPS error (basically they deliverd the package to the wrong address) I had a terrible night last night, I got my hopes up about building my computer. When you get your hopes up its frustrating when it doesn’t happen. What’s even more maddening is the stupidity of people you have to deal with. 3 other packages arrived yesterday through UPS, it amazes me that they delivered 3 packages to me on from two different trucks but the biggest one didn’t make it to the right place. I also can’t believe that someone named Fran signed for MY package. Why do people sign for packages that aren’t supposed to be delivered to them?

Anyway the point of all this is to say this, Geeks get REALLY excited about building a new computer. I am so excited to build this computer. I haven’t built one in probably 6 months and I’m itching to get my hands elbow deep in a case! I might post some pictures of the build up on the site, the computer isn’t anything special but it was cheap and it will do what my mom needs it to, and it will run Vista like a dream.

Here are the specs on it:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (65W version)
1GB DDR2 800 memory
DVD Burner
ECS nForce 4 Motherboard
EVGA Geforce 7800GT
8 in 1 Card Reader
Floppy Drive
Antec Smartpower 450W PSU
Antec NSK 4400 Case

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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate UPGRADE Limited Numbered Signature Edition

Wow a long name, I wonder what is so special about this edition. My guess is that it comes with some cool new themes or interesting new icons and screensaver options. Anyway, if you want to get your fanboy on you can head on over to amazon.com and preorder yourself a copy for $259. I wonder why they don’t have a full install version of this “Limited Numbered Signature Edition.”

Microsoft Getting Ready for Zune Filling Stations

Microsoft is getting ready to build “filling stations” for their Zune media player. The filling stations will be able to send via Wifi songs to your Zune for you to listen too, of course it will still be the 3 days or 3 plays rule but its still pretty cool. It’s not like you would be able to walk into Abercrombie and download the cool song playing with your iPod, only on your Zune.

This is a great idea and might cause some people to rethink the Microsoft player.

LG Blu-Ray HD-DVD Player For Sale on bestbuy.com

Many of you I’m sure have heard of LG’s “Super Multi Blue Player” that is capable of playing both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD with only a single drive. The player is now available on bestbuy.com.

With the ability to play both Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs, in addition to upconverting standard DVDs, this versatile system delivers crisp and clear images with rich layers of sound that will leave you on the edge of your seat.”

If you want to get yourself a High Definition player and don’t want to end up with a dead format this may be a good option, and even though it doesn’t support all of HD-DVD’s features it isn’t enough to worry about. Most of the missing functionality could most likely be fixed with a simple firmware update.
The player is $1200 which is a bit pricey but thats the price you pay if your an early adopter.

Cingular Switching Name Back to AT&T

It’s been known for a little bit now that Cingular will be switching its name back to AT&T in the next couple of months but I haven’t said much about it yet if any. I think I’m going to let Stephen Colbert explain it for me because he seems to do such a good job at it.

iPhone Ringtone for Download

I know all of you want an iPhone, you may not want to pay all that money for one, but I know you want one, unless you like buttons. If you can’t wait until June for it you may be interested in downloading the ringtone and at least being reminded that you will be spending $500-$600 in June. Gizmodo has the iPhone ringtone up for download, I downloaded it and it is cool. It sounds like it was taken right from the keynote because it sounds a little echo-y. Here is the download at Gizmodo.

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Family Members and Tech Support

What is it about family members and tech support. It seems like I could get the most frustrating problem from anyone but if I know them personally I want to hit them in the head. I recently got an email from a family member asking me for help because in her email program it keeps switching her font to 10 point no matter how many times she switches it to 12. I wouldn’t get very frustrated but I know the person. I think that it has a lot to do with my thinking that this person that I know isn’t a dumb person. I just feel like they would either be able to figure it out by themselves or that it shouldn’t be happening because I talk about computers with them and they shouldn’t have these kinds of stupid problems.

Anyway I want to know if you have any dumb problems with frustrating family members and tech support. Comment and let me know or send me an email at comments@cybersurge.org

Steve Balmer Laughs at the iPhone

Well Steve Balmer seems to think that the iPhone is a big joke, at least he laughs at it like it is. In about a year and a half I’d like to see what he says when the iPhone is down to about $300 subsidized and selling like hot cakes.

Geforce 8800GTS with 320MB memory $300 in Feb

Nvidia is rumored to be releasing a new Geforce 8800GTS card with 320MB of memory for $300 or less. The card is supposed to have similar clocks to the regular 8800GTS just with less memory.

Nvidia is planning to have all of their first generation DirectX10 graphics cards out in the next few months.

I’m excited about how Vista will go and I am planning on upgrading my old gaming machine to DirectX10 soon so I might be purchasing my own 8800GTS.