Super Smash Bros. Brawl Intro

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a highly anticipated game for the Wii. I don’t have a Wii so I won’t be buying it but I remember hours and hours of fun playing the N64 Smash Bros.

So for all of you who have been anticipating this game why not check out the intro of the Japanese version of the game.

Playstation 3 Outsells Wii in Japan for November

The Playstation 3 has been doing better and better in this race for the next generation console war. Recently we found out that the console saw a 298% increase in sales after the release of the 40GB version, but now we hear that the Playstation 3 outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan for the month of November.

This is the first time that the Playstation 3 has ever outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. In the 4 weeks in November up to the 25th Sony sold 183,217 units and Nintendo only sold 159,193.

This has been building up for a while, during the summer the NIntendo Wii outsold the Playstation 3 by 6 to 1 but during the fall the gap had narrowed to about 3 to 1.

Many analysts believe that this trend will most likely not continue but I’m not too sure about this. I almost feel like the joys of the Wii have passed, many people that I talk to think of the Wii as some type of fad, don’t get me wrong, the Wii is really fun but the problem is that I don’t see how people could enjoy shaking the controller around for too much longer, it gets tiring.


Super Mario Galaxy Gameplay Video

I haven’t purchased a next generation console yet but I am leaning towards the Nintendo Wii. Not just because of the price but because of the games and the idea that it comes with one. But, there is another game coming out for the Wii soon called Super Mario Galaxy. Possibly to be another classic when it comes to fun, similar to Super Mario 64 except with better graphics and better gameplay then Super Marion Sunshine.

Here is a new video of some of the cool gameplay in Super Mario Galaxy:

Why the Nintendo Wii is so Successful

I’m not going to make this too complicated and I’m not going to talk about it too much either. I haven’t really seen anyone put into words exactly why the Nintendo Wii is so successful. Most people say it is because they are making a game console that non-gamers think is fun and although that is true that isn’t the root of the answer.

The real answer is that Nintendo is making the Wii an entrance point for new gamers. Since the NES there hasn’t really been a simple game console that had simple games with few buttons. After the NES the only real simple entrance point for new gamers was little flash games on the PC, the problem is that that isn’t the same experience and those who started on flash games were still to intimidated by the amount of buttons on the consoles controllers.

The Nintendo Wii is an entrance for gamers who haven’t been trained for years on controllers with an increasing amount of buttons every few years. The Wii is simple enough for anyone to play but not only that, it is also getting people into gaming that wouldn’t normal have gotten into it. This opens up a new market for these new gamers to graduate up to more and more complicated controllers.

I do want to mention that what finally helped me with this revelation was the most recent episode of the Totally Rad Show which didn’t exactly put it into words very well either but helped me put it into its simplest terms.

Hilarious Wii fit Parody has done a wonderful job with this one. Wii fit is pretty rediculous because all of the things that it does, you can already do cheaper and easier with other items.

“don’t want to invest $3.19 on a hoola-hoop? Why not pick up a Wii for just $300 and enjoy the same fun but in the comfort of your living room without that annoying plastic hoop”

[via Geek Are Sexy]

Nintendo Keynote at GDC

A couple of the big blogs were at Nintendo’s Keynote at the Game Developers Confrence.Gizmodo


They were both there live blogging during the keynote. they both have posts up with the key points. Go check’em out.

Wii Loads Game Backups with no modchip

This looks like a pretty reliable video. But for every one of these types of videos you gotta wonder if they just have a Wii sitting underneath the table. But this seems to be for real.

“A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.”

Want to Lose Weight with your Wii?

Want to lose weight with your Wii but wish the controller was a little bit heavier well look no further because I can tell you exactly what you need, Wii Weights. A blogger decided to come up with a prototype. The Wii is no doubt fun but it also is a great way to get moving around, you may break something if your not careful however if we end up able to buy these weights it will also be a great way to shed a few pounds.

10 People Fired after Wii Death

Recently a radio station thought it was a good idea to have a competition to see who could go the longest without going to the bathroom after drinking a bunch of water. The radio station was aware of the dangers of water intoxication but went on with the competition anyway. The winner got a Nintendo Wii.

One women who entered the competition ended up dieing from water intoxication. 10 people from the radio station were fired afterwards.

I think that the competition was outrageous but even more upsetting was that the radio station knew of the dangers of water intoxication and went on with it anyway. It just makes you think what a Nintendo Wii is really worth though. Why are people so in love with this thing that they are willing to enter a competition where they hold their Wii as long as they can.

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