Digg Launches Digg Widgets

Digg has add a new item to its list of ever growing features. The newest addition is Digg Widgets which allow you to add a bit of Digg to your own website or blog. Choose from 5 different styles or create your own style.

You can customize what is shown in the widget such as, popular stories in specific topics, a top 10 list from a specific topic, stories dugg by a user, etc.

The new tool is pretty interesting and makes me wonder if you will start seeing this pop up on personal sites showing things that they have dugg. It would be an interesting way to display new information on your blog all the time.

Want a New Mac, Check here first

Every Mac lovers number one fear is buying a new Mac and 2 weeks later the one you buy is no longer the newest version. The problem with this primarily for Mac heads is that most likely the newest version is a bit faster, maybe cooler features and undoubtedly the same price.

Well no longer be worried about buying a new Mac, with a new site called Mactactic they have gages that tell you when it would be worth just waiting a bit longer for the next version. They even have estimates about how long you may have to wait for the next rev of the Mac.

Even better they have a Dashboard widget that lets you quickly glance every few days and see when is the best time to buy your mac. So if you’ve been eying a new 15″ MacBook Pro, it may still be a good value.