News Roundup 3/19/07

Last week there weren’t exactly as many posts as usually and I have to fess up, I had a family member in from out of town that I haven’t seen in a while. I was kind of slacking off. But, with that said this week CyberSurge will be back in full force bringing you all of the stories that you want to hear about.

TV Tuner Goes into Quad Mode

Sony Dropping Playstation 3 Chip

GDC: Reaction From Nintendo/Microsoft on PS3’s Home

Google Exec Confirms Phone in the Labs

Current Barcelona Wafer Pics Revealed

News Roundup 2/26/07

I think I’m going to change how the Weekend News Roundup Works, since I am only one man I don’t have time to write about EVERYTHING in the news so now everything that I may have missed throughout the week or just decided not to write about I’ll put links to in here. And I’ll change the name and the tag, but I will use the old Weekend News tag for a couple of weeks before I stop using it.

Nvidia confirms Geforce 8-series for laptops

Nintendo Confirms Wii Hardware Revisions Coming

Apple TV Displays to go up on March 5th

Intel Crestline Chipset will run DirectX 10

Linux Supporters Celebrate World’s First Mainboard with Open-Source Bios