Alright I’m fed up

I haven’t been able to install Home Server yet and don’t know when I’m going to let you know how it went. Many things have happened including a laptop not working and borrowing a computer from a family member and not being able to install it yet because I don’t have a spare hard drive and they don’t want their XP install to be wiped.

So, instead of giving any more promises I will just say that if I get a chance to play with it I’ll let you guys know if not then I’ll let you know where you can go to check it out.

New Theme!

We gots ourselves a new theme.

I didn’t like the old one in IE7 and Opera so I decided to hunt around for a new one. I really liked this one and it had a pretty cool look and feel to it.

I have widgets installed in this theme so now I have them to play with, right now the things in the sidebar that I’ve added (only the podcast of the month) are not widgets but I hope to make’em widgets so that its much easier for me to manipulate them and I don’t have to deal with all this craziness when I have to change the podcast of the month.

I’ve also been eyeing at getting rid of some of the categories or the entire categories section all together because there are too many along the side there! but in due time

Hosting problems

Well I’m having a bit of hosting problems. when I try to FTP access my site and send it a file it tells me that the server is read only. I was on the phone for about 20 minutes before they talked to me and then they told me to try sending the file in about 45 minutes.

UPDATE: still having some problems, I can’t access some things through 1 and 1 and the phone support is terrible. I can FTP now but the control panel through their site still isn’t working properly. Because of all the problems I haven’t been able to post as much as I have in the past but tomorrow should be back to normal and you most likely won’t even know this happened (unless of course you read this post again).

WordPress theme change

I’ve been testing the site in a couple of different browsers and I’ve found that it looks terrible in IE7 and Opera. I’ve been thinking about changing it for some time now and think it might finally be time. So, throughout this week I’ll be doing some testing on my test blog and then it should be rolled out on the actual site by saturday.

It’s time for Dell 2.0

Dell in the past few years has gone a bit down hill losing the spot as the number one in market share to HP. Now with the recent loss as Kevin Rollins as CEO now Michael Dell has come back up to the plate to try the CEO spot out for a bit.

I’m hoping that Dell will get better because I’m tired of my friends and family calling me with problems because the Dell support was crappy. Michael Dell said after becoming CEO again that”It’s time for Delll 2.0.” I’m hoping that this is good and think that Michael Dell may turn things around for the company, maybe make some higher quality products, up the money they are throwing at support and actually start making people happy.

Small Problem with the site

Earlier today their was some problems with my hosting. The server that was hosting my site went down, it was down for about an hour or two. It, as you can tell, is back up and running and everything is fine and dandy. I do want to mention that 1&1 is my host and they were quick at fixing the problem.

Family Members and Tech Support

What is it about family members and tech support. It seems like I could get the most frustrating problem from anyone but if I know them personally I want to hit them in the head. I recently got an email from a family member asking me for help because in her email program it keeps switching her font to 10 point no matter how many times she switches it to 12. I wouldn’t get very frustrated but I know the person. I think that it has a lot to do with my thinking that this person that I know isn’t a dumb person. I just feel like they would either be able to figure it out by themselves or that it shouldn’t be happening because I talk about computers with them and they shouldn’t have these kinds of stupid problems.

Anyway I want to know if you have any dumb problems with frustrating family members and tech support. Comment and let me know or send me an email at

Horrible Problems Upgrading to 2.0.7

Well I just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7 and had some problems along the way. In the upgrade I ended up losing a few posts some how. I’m not a giant WordPress geek so I think I’m going to just not worry about it. I would worry about it but I’m afraid I’d end up losing more info then I gain. Sorry for the confusion if you have linked to something here and sorry about all of it. Thanks for reading.