Playstation 3 $100 Price Drop

The Playstation 3 is shaping up to be the bronze in this console war but Sony is seeming to be doing there best to kick it up a notch. The 80GB Playstation 3 will now be priced at $499. This will bring the highest end model of the console just $20 above the price of the most expensive XBox 360, but with the PS3 comes a much larger back catalog of PS2 and PSONE games and on top of that, a next gen dvd player (Blu-Ray).

Now, the games for the PS3 still aren’t up to par with the XBox 360’s games, but now the highest end PS3 is the same price as the lowest end XBox 360 + the HD-DVD add on. I happen to think that the PS3 is shaping up to be a much better deal then the XBox 360, too bad the games aren’t there yet (hopefully Ratchet and Clank will fix that).

Along side this announcement of the price drop there is also a new PS3 model being debuted. On November 2nd a brand new 40GB PS3 will be released. The 40GB console will be priced at $399, the only problem is the 40GB PS3 won’t have any backward compatibility (although I don’t see why it couldn’t be added in software since all they would need is a software emulator).

Hopefully this will help the PS3 compete a little bit more with the XBox 360 then it is now, the PS3 keeps dropping in price and let’s hope that along with better games, it will force Microsoft to lower the price of the XBox 360 some as well.


$399 Playstation 3 on October 28th?

There have been some rumors around the internet talking about a 40GB $399 Playstation 3 and it seems to actually have some legs to it. Engadget has gotten a hold of some Best Buy documents that seem to confirm that the Playstation 3 will be stocked on October 28th.

I don’t currently have any plans to purchase any of the next gen consoles but I’ll tell you what, if I can get high-def gaming and a next generation high-def disc format in my living room for $400 it would be something I would seriously consider. Let’s face it $399 for the Playstation 3 is quite the bang for your buck.

I truly hope that Sony will release a $399 model soon because the Xbox 360 is dominating the PS3 (like I say all the time, we need more competition).


PS3 Gets the Exclusive it Needs – FF XIII

That’s right Final Fantasy XIII will be a PS3 only game.

” During my foray to the Square Enix Closed Mega Theater presentation, I saw the Final Fantasy XIII trailer and at the end the words “For PS3 Only” flashed on to the screen.” –Kotaku

I personally don’t care for Final Fantasy games however I do know that there are plenty of gamers out there that are willing to buy a new console just to play a Final Fantasy game.

I don’t really care about any of the next-gen consoles, all of them have pluses in my mind but none of them have anything that makes me want to go out and buy them. I hope this game causes many people to go out and buy the PS3 because the Xbox 360 is just destroying the PS3, better competition is better for everyone.

$400 40GB Playstation 3 By Christmas?

Arstechnica is claiming that a “mole” has tipped them off of a possible $400 version of the Playstation 3 to be released by Christmas. This is quite a surprise since the 20GB and 60GB versions of the Playstation 3 have been phased out, why would they want to bring another to the table.

I am taking this with a grain of salt however the mole also tipped them off on the HDMI in the Xbox 360 so the track record seems to be fairly clean.

The mole also notes a couple other things, the Playstation 2 will have a price drop to $99 and Spiderman 3 on blu-ray may be bundled with one or both of the Playstation 3 versions.

I wouldn’t be surprised about the price drop to $99 for the Playstation 2 and I also wouldn’t be surprised if Spiderman 3 was bundled with the Playstation 3, especially since it should look great in HD and is pretty much one of the biggest movies that will be out on Blu-ray for this Christmas. I’m still a bit skeptical on the 40GB PS3 but I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility.


Why I’m excited for the PlayTV

Sony recently announced the PlayTV for the Playstation 3. If you haven’t heard the PlayTV is a device that will basically turn your PS3 into a DVR. The PlayTV is going to be released in Europe in 2008. Sony’s Phil Harrison told Kotaku that PlayTV isn’t coming to the United States anytime soon because it does not have terrestrial digital television. Some cities such as San Diego have digital TV but other locations do not. But with the digital conversion happening in 2009 I expect Sony will decide to make it available in late 2008 or early 2009.

On to why I’m excited about it. It turns your PS3 into the ultimate home theater box. It is a high-def game console, a Blu-ray player, and a DVR all in one. What more could you want? Well it has two digital tuners! Hows that, oh you want more? The PlayTV will detect whether or not your TV shows HD by checking what kind of cables you have connected to your TV. If it finds out that your TV isn’t HD then it won’t record the programming in HD but will record it in SD to save space on your drive. PlayTV allows you to stream content from your PS3 to your PSP or transfer the video with a USB cable so that you can watch it on the go.

The PlayTV is really cool and even if we have to wait a year or more for it, I’m still excited.

Amazon Gets Slimmed Down PSPs is accepting pre-orders for the new slim PSP. Amazon has the date set for September 10. The new PSP has been posted in 3 flavors, a black version without a game for $169.99, a silver version with Daxter for $199.99, and a white one with Star Wars Battlefront for $199.99.

I don’t plan on buying one because I personally can’t find any games for it that I really like. But if I was going to buy one I would definitely wait until September 10 for mine because this new version is great.

Sony PSP 2000 Console – Piano Black

Sony PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack – Ice Silver

Sony PSP Star Wars Battlefront Entertainment Pack – Ceramic White

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Playstation 3’s Sixaxis Controller is Not New

The Plyastation 3’s motion sensative Sixaxis controller isn’t new at all. The idea for the controller is nearly a decade old. The PSM podcast shows off a Pelican controller made in 1999. The controller does have vibration, the PS3’s controller does not. Check out the video below:

60GB Playstation 3 to be discontinued

So it seems the 60GB Playstation 3’s $100 price cut (Purchase on Amazon) was just so that they could get rid of stock and give it the fate of the 20GB version (Purchase on Amazon), discontinued. This is something that has been moving fast lately, a lot of stuff going on with the Playstation 3 lately, but nothing that is about good games, only stuff about price drops and discontinuing of SKUs. I personally think that it is smart to consolidate the lineup of Playstation 3’s and only have the 80GB version available. But, I think that the $599 price point is too high, $499 is a much smarter price point and is where a lot of people start thinking about buying it.

The price needs to lower because I do think that XBox 360 may have a price drop soon, especially since the Playstation 3 seems to be more and more of an option and less of a joke.

E3: No more 60GB Playstation 3 in US after July, says Reeves []

Sony Launching a 80GB PS3 for $599

Not only is the 60GB version of the Playstation 3 getting a $100 price drop but also in August Sony will begin selling an 80GB version of the Playstation 3 for $599.

The 80GB Playstation 3 has been available in Korea for a little while now but will be hitting the streets next month. Not only are you getting an extra 20GB for $100 but Sony is also throwing in a copy of Motorstorm along with it.

This is making the Playstation 3 look a little bit more price competitive with the Xbox 360. Competition is great and hopefully this will push all the console makers to lower prices (even $250 for the Nintendo Wii is a bit too expensive).

Engadget’s Story

Playstation 3 Taking $100 Price Cut -Updatex2

According GameDaily BIZ the Playstation 3’s price will be dropped $100 on July 12th. Sony has not confirmed this but they have gotten many reports from retailers that the price will be dropping.

The price drop could be caused by the recent drop in prices of the Blue-laser pick-up heads that are being used in the Playstation 3, read about that here.

This puts the Playstation 3 only $20 more expensive then the XBox 360 Elite. The Playstation 3 has always seemed really expensive but with this $100 price drop it won’t seem so expensive compared to the XBox 360. Let’s face it if you are going to buy an XBox 360 you should buy the Elite because of the larger hard drive, but after you purchase the HD-DVD player add-on, you are now $180 up on the Playstation 3. This means that for the $180 you can get a game or two and an extra controller.

Sounds like Sony is trying catch up with the XBox 360 a bit and dropping the price is the first thing to do, now all you have to do is get a few more good games for the console.

GameDaily BIZ: Report: PS3 $499 on July 12

Playstaion 3

Update: Sony may not have plans to drop the price of the Playstation 3 – Reuters

Update: It has been confirmed

20GB PS3 to be Discontinued

The 60GB Playstation 3 has outsold the 20GB version 10:1. So Sony has decided to drop it from the Playstation 3 line. Now I don’t quite know what they are going to be doing whether it is adding a 80GB version and dropping the price of the 60GB version or if they were smart they would drop the price of the 60GB version to $499 and focus on lowering manufacturing cost of that version. I think this is a step in the right direction, less choice makes the customer less confused. Of course if the price stays at $599 then its not the right thing to do, you have to drop the price to compete with the Xbox 360.

I don’t want to get all the PS3 and Xbox 360 fanboys upset so I’ll just stop there and tell you that I love Xbox 360 and PS3 equally.

anyway check out‘s article on the matter.