Google Releases Picasa for the Mac

Picasa for the Mac

Very odd looking user interface, for the Mac that is. It doesn’t really look much like a Mac app.

We’re therefore excited to announce that we’re bringing the full version of Picasa to Mac OS X. Like its Windows and Linux counterparts, Picasa for Mac is a standalone program that helps you organize photos anywhere on your hard disk, edit your photos to perfection, and then easily share them online.

Google Photos Blog.

The Nightmare iPhone Pro

iPhone Pro Concept

60GB of storage
16:9 display
Slide-out keyboard
1MP front facing camera for iChat
High quality camera with good lenses, optical zoom

Obviously this is just a ridiculous dream, but let’s be honest the thing would have to be a beast to have all those features in there. Not to mention how horrible the battery life would be.

Apple: The Dream iPhone Pro.

New MacBook Pro Design Gets Photographed

Update x2: 9 to 5 Mac brings to light the possibility that JR is a faker. Remember back before the Let’s Rock event a JR photo showed up showing off a new iPod Nano that was later found to be fake. Just keep that in mind while looking at these photos. (the photo below is the fake by JR, the distance between the bottom of the device and the click wheel is too small and clearly fake).

Update: Many people around the net have noticed that the image above doesn’t show a button underneath the trackpad, meaning that if this image is real the notebook would instead use tapping the trackpad to perform mouse clicks.

Tomorrow is the Apple notebook event and someone has been able to (allegedly) take a photo of the new MacBook Pro design.

The photos looks pretty legit but I still wonder why all these spy shots are never taken by anyone who is capable of holding the camera still. It is a great looking design though and seems to incorporate the new case designs that have already practically been confirmed.

Oh, and by the way, The Boy Genius claims that a source guaranteed a $899 low end price point.

The Boy Genius Report

Apple Invites Media to Cupertino For Notebook Event On Oct. 14

Yesterday Apple finally sent out invites to an event that will be held in Cupertino, CA on October 14 at 10am Pacific time. The tag line for the event is “the spotlight turns to notebooks.” So, clearly we will be getting new notebooks.

The rumors are saying that we will be getting new designs for MacBooks and MacBook Pros. There is a possibility that the new MacBook will be priced at $799 on the low end separating it from the MacBook Pro line.

9 to 5 Mac is claiming that we won’t be getting all aluminum MacBooks but instead the new design will be made from both plastic and aluminum with the aluminum acting almost as a skeleton for the notebook.

There have also been some rumors stating that there will be a 13″ MacBook Pro that will have all the features of the MacBook Pro but with a much smaller display.

I personally believe that we will be getting new MacBooks and MacBook Pros and I subscribe to the 9 to 5 Mac theory stating that the new MacBooks will be made from plastic and aluminum.

Images of the leaked MacBook cases after the jump.

Official Blackberry Storm Press Shots

And finally, here are some official press shots of the Blackberry Storm. The device looks very pretty but I don’t find myself wanting one, it might be the fact that it can’t sync with all of my media (since it is all in iTunes) and it might be that the user interface isn’t quite up to the iPhone’s standards but whatever the case I’m sure this will make quite a few of you out there very happy.

The unit will have 128MB of RAM, 1GB of built in memory, a 1400mAh battery with 15 days standby and 5.5 hours of talk time (I find those numbers a little hard to believe), Dual-band 800/19–MHz CMA/EV-DO Rev A or Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and 2100MHz HSDPA.

The handset also has a 3.2 Megapixel camera which seems like it is going to be the new standard for high end smartphones. Along with the 1GB of internal memory the Storm will also come with an 8GB microSD card.

NOt a bad spec sheet but like all other phones you really need to reserve judgement until you get your hands on one. I haven’t been able to pin point an exact release date for the phone (since the press release I looked at didn’t specify one, it just says sometime next month) but I might end up being the first one in my local Verizon store just to check one of these out.

Blackberry Storm

iPod Nano 4G Photo Leaked -Update

Another iPod Nano 4G photo has leaked, this one is shows an orange version in its original packaging. This photo is much better looking than the one shown by Kevin Rose and confirms the new design changes once and for all.

This new design resembles the 2G iPod Nano much more than the 3G but features a larger display than the 3G Nano. Along with the photo came information that the new iPod will be shipping next week but will be exempt from the back-to-school promo that runs until September 15.


Engadget has posted another photo showing the Nano unboxed.

By the way, I’m curious what this new display size will mean for games on the iPod.


This just in: After looking at the second of the two photos above and comparing the porportions of the two iPods it seems that one of them is fake (my guess would be the second one). The distance between the bottom of the iPod and the play/pause button is different on the two of them and the curvature of the case itself is much different. Not to mention the fact that in the second photo it shows the old style iPod cable. Let’s just say the photo of the green iPod Nano is very suspect indeed.

TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype A

The TechCrunch tablet first appeared about a month ago and seems to actually be moving along. The first prototype has been built. The current design is in an aluminum case that a local sheet metal shop put together for them but the final design will most likely use plastic and be almost twice as thin as the current prototype.

They booted the hardware for the first time today and were able to use it to navigate to a web page using the touch screen. The hardware specs are practically final and the rest of the work is going to be done on the design of the case itself, the software, and UI.

They have a team working on the project and Michael Arrington also said: “We’ve learned a lot about building a hardware device over the last few weeks, and it’s clear that it is quite possible to build a high performance web tablet in the price range we anticipated.”

They originally suggested a price range of about $200 and I think it might actually be possible. I was a little down on the project originally but I’m getting a little bit more hopefully for the project, the picture below doesn’t exactly get me excited but I sure as heck would love to have a 10″ (or so) touch screen that I can surf the web on while I’m sitting on the couch.


4G iPod Nano and 2G iPod Touch Cases Pictured

Alibaba has gotten a hold of some cases that seem to be for the 4th generation iPod Nano and the 2nd generation iPod Touch. Although the silicone case for the iPod Touch is a little questionable the iPod Nano one looks really legit.

This doesn’t exactly confirm that these iPods will for certain be coming out (seeing as how the quality of the cases are poor) but it does give a lot more credence to the rumors.


More pictures after the jump.