8800 Ultra to be Priced at $829

Yes, thats right if you want yourself a 8800 Ultra they are going to MSRP for $829. At least that is what the Inquirer is saying.

That is a bit high for an overclocked 8800 GTX with slightly faster memory.

They are also saying that they will be in very small numbers. Think 7950GX2 or 7800GTX 512MB.

the Inquirer

8800 Ultra Details

Nvidia will be doing a nice paper launch of this card with availability the third week in may(rumor).

612MHz Core Clock
2.16GHz Memory Clock

The 8800 Ultra is very similar to the 8800GTX, just with different clocks on the Core and memory and with a different cooler. From what I read here, Every GTX should be able to reach these clocks with a quick voltmod.

Nvidia Geforce 8600GTS Reviews and Benchmarks

Nvidia released there newest mid range graphics cards recently and now the net is flooded with news and reviews of it. The card is now available and can be picked up for about $200.

But lets get to it HardOCP, the Inquirer and PC Perspective all have great reviews of the cards and I think the interesting of the 3 is the Inquirer’s. so check them out and let me know what you think.

Geforce 8500 and 8600 News on the Net

Nvidia Geforce 8500, 8600 clocks, Pipes
8500GT, 450MHz Core, 400MHz Memory, 16 Stream Processors
8600GT, 540MHz Core, 700MHz Memory, 32 Stream Processors
8600GTS, 675MHz Core, 1GHz Memory, 32 Stream Processors

PNY Pre-announces Nvidia Geforce 8600
Graphics card maker PNY has confirmed that Nvidia is about to launch the GeForce 8600 GT graphics chip, pledging today to ship…

ASUS jumps gun on 8600
Taiwanese Firm Asus has announced its 8600 GTS card, ahead of the official launch tomorrow…

Nvidia Unveils Geforce 8600 and 8500-series
Nvidia today announced its latest DirectX 10 product offerings to serve the $129-$229 price points. The new GeForce 8600 GTS, 8600 GT and 8500 GT introduces technology previously exclusive to the…

Biostar announces new Nvidia 8600 and 8500-based graphics cards
Biostar announced its new Sigma Gate V8603TS21, V8603GT21 and V8502GT21 graphics cards with support for Windows Vista and DirectX 10…

Nvidia stole a march on ATi when it launched the DirectX 10 Geforce 8800GTS andGTX chips back in October 2006. Even though the G80/8800 was a powerhouse of a chip…

 DX 10 for the Masses: Nvidia 8600 and 8500 series Launch
Incredibly high priced and high powered graphics cards are exciting. For geeks like us, learning about the newest and best hardware out there is like watching a street race between a Lambo…

8300GT Pictured

TechConnect Magazine has a picture up of a 8300GT card. I have not been able to find any info as to when this will be out but the price is going to be under $89. I also don’t know what the clocks of the chip will be but it will no doubt be better than the 7300GT and if DX10 is as efficient as it looks to be the 8300 will be much much better with games then the 7300 was.

[via TechConnect Magazine]

Geforce 8500 and 8600 Benchmarked

The Inquirer has benchmark numbers of the Geforce 8500 and 8600 cards. They did have benchmarks before which we talked about here. But, now they have much more specific numbers.

under 3DMark06 at 1600×1200 4AA/16AF
8500GT got 1141
8600GT got 2483
8600GTS got 2949

The Inquirer has the full details here.

Possible 8950GX2

The Inquirer had an interesting find recently while wondering the halls of Planet Reseller. The booth was unmanned but they had a water cooler for a Dual-PCB 8950GX2. The 7950GX2 was quite fast but this dual G80 card would be amazing.

They had a few pictures of the water coolers up and you can check them out over there.

The Inquirer

The Manufacturer (no information about the cooler)

Geforce 8800 Ultra Launching April 17th

NGOHQ.com has claimed that the 8800 Ultra will be launching at the same time as the rest of Nvidia’s 8k series lineup. That places the date on April 17th. Now we already knew that the new drivers gave away that it will be released, but we didn’t have a date yet or even a time frame.

Now the 8800 Ultra will be Nvidia’s answer to ATI’s R600 card. Most likely just an overclocked 8800GTX and maybe GDDR4 RAM instead of GDDR3.

[via X-Bit Labs]

This is just a funny observation but it is strange that in the processor world, the processors are usually ahead of software such as with 64-bit processors. But, with graphics cards the software is almost always ahead, games seem to be written to take advantage of future features not current ones. It just seems odd.

Geforce 8600 Boards Pictured


DailyTech has some pictures from CeBIT 2007 of a couple of 8600 boards. One of them even has HDMI with audio pass through.The Inquirer also has some pictures of an 8600 board.

The boards are built with the same PCB as the 6600 and 7600. That PCB is getting a lot of life and that is good. I have always thought that the 6600 layout was one of the best. My most favorite feature, it has a lot of graphics horse power but doesn’t require a seperate power output from the PSU.

Geforce 8800 Ultra coming soon?

Nvidia recently released forceware version 100.41 drivers and the release notes name compatability for the Geforce 8800 Ultra, which isn’t out. Nvidia hasn’t used the Ultra name in quite a while but this Ultra most likely will be just an overclocked 8800GTX.

I think that the 8800 Ultra will be in short supply similar to how the 7950GX2 was and the 7800GTX 512MB was. If this card is released before ATI even gets a single DX10 capable card out it will put ATI farther behind then most people ever thought they would be.

[via X-Bit Labs]