Nvidia to Acquire Ageia

Ageia, the not-so-successful company that makes physics processors for PCs will be acquired by Nvidia. The announcement came on monday, along with this press release.

AMD was considering purchasing Ageia last November but since they were still dealing with the ATI acquisition the decided that it wasn’t the time to do so.

Both Nvidia and ATI have looked into doing physics processing on the GPU but it never really got anywhere. This acquisition of Ageia however could bring in a new wave of graphics cards with GPUs and physics processing units on a single PCB.

I’m not really sure when we will see this acquisition really start to change things in the industry. Currently there are very few computers with physics processors and I’m not really sure if game developers are really clamoring for people to purchase such products.

Nvidia could be doing this to push the industry forward and if, at some time in the future many more computers supported dedicated physics processing we would see developers start to really use them, but for now I think everyone will do just fine with a mid-range to high end graphics card and a good CPU, a physics processor would be nice, but until you can use it, I think you’d just be better off spending the extra money on other components.

Details Leaked on Nvidia 9000 Series Graphics Cards

Last week there was some wonderful leaks about Nvidia’s upcoming 9000 series graphics cards.

The first one I want to talk about is the Geforce 9600GT. The info leaked shows that the first shipments of the 9600GT will have a 650MHz core clock and a 1625MHz unified shader clock. The 9600GT will feature a 256-bit memory bus interface with a memory clock of 900MHz. The processor on this graphics card will be made using 65nm manufacturing and will require a 6-pin supplementary power connector and a 400W power supply.

The next graphics card I want to talk about it Nvidia’s soon to be announced behemoth of a graphics card, the Geforce 9800GX2. This graphics card isn’t really using a new processor, but instead uses the 8800 GPU that has been shrunk to 65nm and SLI’d on a single PCIe slot (although the card does use up two slots). The card will have 1GB of memory, 256 stream processors.

Looks like Nvidia is going to hit another one out of the park with these graphics cards.


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Pics and Benchmarks of the Upcoming Nvidia Geforce 8800GT Leaked

So the Geforce 880GT is getting closer and closer to launch and that means that leaked pictures and benchmarks are starting to show up on the internet. The performance is looking pretty good on the card which will likely be a really great buy for those who like themselves some pretty PC gaming but don’t really want to spend a fortune.

I currently am using a 7800GT and I think that this card would be a likely upgrade for me. Especially since I’m planning on grabbing myself a copy of Crysis.

By the way, the Foxconn card is running a 600MHz core clock and 1800MHz for the 512MB of memory.

MSI Geforce 8800GT Picture
Foxconn Geforce 8800GT Picture
Geforce 8800GT Benchmarks

Some More Details on the G92

The G92 will be named the Geforce 8700 GTS. Coming with either 256MB or 512MB and priced at $199 and $249 respectively. It will be a 9 inch long single slot card with output for HDTV and HDCP DVI.

I mentioned that this card is set for November and the core will be clocked between 800-850MHz.

This card is really set to be one great card, the price point is fair and it will definitely be a good performer. If I was building a computer in the next few months I would probably wait and purchase this bad boy because it seems to be the right choice, not for heavy gamers but if you want to play a few games this will work well.

VR-Zone (story 1, 2)

Nvidia G92 Set for November

Nividia will soon be announcing a new mid-range graphics chip, the G92. The chip is set to launch on November 12th of this year. The G92 is going to be replace the Geforce 8800GTS graphics cards.

The G92 will have support for PCIe 2.0, HDMI, and Display Port.

I am rather excited for the G92 chip. I’ve been thinking about building a new PC for some upcoming games (Spore and Crysis) and the mid-range graphics cards are definitely in my price range.

No news about the G98 which is the upcoming entry level chip but I would guess that you will see it sometime before mid-Q1 ’08.


According to theInquirer, DigiTimes is wrong about the G92 being a mid-range chip. theInquirer says that this is absolutely not true.

“This baby sports some serious shading power, but more important is the fact that the memory installed on board is now GDDR4. 768MB of GDDR4, to be more precise. The amount of memory discards rumours of 256-bit bus, since it is obvious that Nvidia will keep 384-bit memory controller for the high-end series of products. We would welcome this memory controller in mainstream arena, though.”

Sorry for the mix up, I’m not sure exactly who to believe but I will say that if the G92 was a mid range chip then Nvidia was dumb to name it the G92. Looks like I’ve got conflicting stories here, I’ll let you guys know when it gets straightened out. Until then decide for yourself.


Nvidia Hoping for 800+MHz G92 Chips

I talked about the Geforce 9800(G98) but Nvidia is also working on another new chip, the G92. theInquirer has dug up some information on it including:

Nvidia is strongly on board with DisplayPort they are planning on having graphics cards with DisplayPort by CES 2008 which when Dell is planning on releasing there new series of monitors.

“Nvidia reworked quite a lot of things from the original marchitecture to make this thing work faster.”

The G92 will be clocked somewhere between 800-850MHz.

Nvidia’s next set of graphics chips are shaping up to make some great graphics cards, of course that is if everything goes well.


Nvidia Geforce 9800 Gets a Mention

It wasn’t all that long ago that everyone was talking about how fast the Geforce 8800GTX was. Well, now we have another graphics card to talk about, the Geforce 9800. Although the graphics card isn’t officially announced there have been some talk going on about it such as here and here.

There is not a whole lot of information about it on the internet but here is what I have been able to find out about it.

At a Displayport event, Nvidia left earlier then expected. This might have been the unveiling of the Geforce 9800 sources theInquirer have talked to said that things weren’t going smoothly. This has been taken to mean that the 9800 wasn’t running as well as they were expecting it to.

The 9800 is expected to be unbelievably quiet. Even quieter then the 8800GTX.

Like I said, not much to talk about but still something to be anticipating over the coming months.

ATI vs. Nvidia Midrange Graphics Card Comparison

[H] Enthusiast has a comparison of the ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256 MB GDDR4 and the XFX GeForce 8600 GT XXX 256 MB GDDR3. These two cards are very similarly priced however the ATI offering is becoming harder and harder to find.

They went through many many testing methods using various games and benchmarks to find their conclusion about the two cards.

HIS Radeon HD 2600 XT

XFX Geforce 8600 GT

[H] Enthusiast – ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT

ATI 2400 Pro vs. 8400GS in 3DMark06

I don’t have full benchmark numbers by any means but Boot Daily has got a hold of some 3DMark06 benchmarks showing that the 2400 Pro is far behind the 8400GS at a very similar price point. ATI is not having a good time when it comes to performance against Nvidia’s offerings. I just hope they get their act together and give Nvidia some competition, competition is always good, it keeps prices down.

Well the 2400 Pro is getting around 1250 with the 8400GS getting around 1620.

Head on over to Boot Daily for exact numbers.

Geforce 8400GS 256MB

Radeon HD 2400 PRO 256MB

Nvidia Announces Geforce 7200GS

Nvidia today announced a new graphics card, the Geforce 7200GS. Nvidia says that it is built for Windows Vista and is also for a low-cost upgrade from integrated graphics. The cards are available today for prices under $50.

“GeForce 7200 GS GPUs provide full support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0, Shader Model 3.0 for more realism in 3D games and applications, high dynamic-range ( HDR) lighting support for advanced 3D realism, and NVIDIA PureVideo™ technology, which delivers smooth, home-theater quality video, superb picture clarity and vivid colors on any display.”