Nintendo Keynote at GDC

A couple of the big blogs were at Nintendo’s Keynote at the Game Developers Confrence.Gizmodo


They were both there live blogging during the keynote. they both have posts up with the key points. Go check’em out.

Wii Loads Game Backups with no modchip

This looks like a pretty reliable video. But for every one of these types of videos you gotta wonder if they just have a Wii sitting underneath the table. But this seems to be for real.

“A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.”

The End of GameCube Production

Nintendo has confirmed that they have stopped producing that little cube of a console. Nintendo did say that they still have enough consoles for them to be bought for a bit longer because of surpluses but after that they are all gone. This is obviously so that Nintendo can focusing on getting more Wii’s into stores because it is still nearly impossible to buy one. This way all of the factories that were making GameCubes can now make Wii’s. Smart on the part of Nintendo because when you produce less things it becomes cheaper per item to manufacture. This may mean that in the not to distant future we could see a price reduction on the Wii.

Want to Lose Weight with your Wii?

Want to lose weight with your Wii but wish the controller was a little bit heavier well look no further because I can tell you exactly what you need, Wii Weights. A blogger decided to come up with a prototype. The Wii is no doubt fun but it also is a great way to get moving around, you may break something if your not careful however if we end up able to buy these weights it will also be a great way to shed a few pounds.

10 People Fired after Wii Death

Recently a radio station thought it was a good idea to have a competition to see who could go the longest without going to the bathroom after drinking a bunch of water. The radio station was aware of the dangers of water intoxication but went on with the competition anyway. The winner got a Nintendo Wii.

One women who entered the competition ended up dieing from water intoxication. 10 people from the radio station were fired afterwards.

I think that the competition was outrageous but even more upsetting was that the radio station knew of the dangers of water intoxication and went on with it anyway. It just makes you think what a Nintendo Wii is really worth though. Why are people so in love with this thing that they are willing to enter a competition where they hold their Wii as long as they can.

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