iPhone News Roundup

iPhone Commercial Spoof Shows Potential Downside of Touchscreen – “Of course, this isn’t a real iPhone commercial, but the guy has a point. Maybe the touchscreen really will suck. Brian used…” [Gizmodo]

Sent from my iPhone – “Since today seems to be all about tiny little details of the iPhone, why not continue that trend? Blogger Paul Kedrosky shares something…” [TUAW]

More Google iPhone Apps on the Way – “As noted by iLounge, ZDNet reports on Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt’s comments in Paris about Google…” [Mac Rumors]

Author of Gas.App mines his Web logs for iPhone specs (and finds them) – “Via Digg, the author of Gas.App for Safari on the iPhone (integrates with Google…” [ZDNet]

iPhone Browser Capabilities and Guidelines – “University of Washington’s Emerging Technology group published notes from Apple’s Developing Web Sites…” [Mac Rumors]

News Roundup 6/21/07

HOWTO get aT&T DSL for $10 (and why you shouldn’t)” When AT&T bought out BellSouth, it had to promise the FCC that it would provide a basic, $10/month DSL service. However…” [BoingBoing]

AMD’s new attack cat“The news on the mobile front from AMD is their Puma platform, based around their upcoming socket AM3 Griffin…” [PCPerspective]

Meizu’s latest MiniOne (M8) incarnation –  ” Here you have it, what looks to be a (re-touched) photograph of a real engineering sample of the Meizu MiniOne (M8). The picture was posted…” [Engadget]

AMD: Barcelona still on track for a Q3 announcement – “Austin (TX) – Following rumors that the firm’s quad-core Opteron processor, code-named Barcelona, is facing delays, AMD today said…” [TGDaily]

News Roundup 6/12/07

New Treo Smartphone Images Leaked“Rumor: Two separate sources have posted possible images and specs on two new Palm Treo smartphones. The images show a similar models, one with a new design running Palm OS and another…” [Palm Infocenter]

Palm “Gandolf” Real, Blackberry Pearl 2 On the Way – “Chalk this up as rumor for the moment, but a legitimate-sounding tipster from Sprint may have just let us in on two interesting pieces…” [Gizmodo]

[TWC] TW Officially Announces Packet Shaping for All RR Users – ” From Time Warner’s Help Desk
June 6, 2007 — Time Warner today implemented…” [Broadband Reports]

Specs on the Meizu M6 Revealed – “Remember the $130 Meizu M6 SE PMP we told you about, sporting 8GB of video in a 7mm shell? Good. Meizu just announced more…” [Gizmodo]