CoverFlow on an iPod

Could this be real? This is supposed to be the upcoming firmware for iPods with Coverflow.

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All iPods Flash in Next Gen

This would be a great thing, it would make your iPods last longer in battery life and the life of the device however this is of course a rumor. Apple Insider is saying that this would come with the next revamp of the iPod and may come as early as winter 2007. The new iPod may bring the iPod functionality in the iPhone out into a stand alone device. Check out the whole article by Apple Insider here.

Ban on Cell Phones and iPods in Crosswalks of New York City

A New York senator has announced that he is planning on introducing legislation to ban cell phones and iPods in crosswalks of NYC and Buffalo. The senator is introducing this because of two recent deaths in his district.

It is very dangerous for people to be wearing headphones while crossing the street. Most people listen to it too loud therefore if something happens and they need to be able to listen well they just can’t hear what is going on. The cell phone is also really dangerous because you are focusing on the person you are talking to and paying attention to what they are saying not what is going on around them.

I don’t think this is a bad idea I think its great. I’m not sure if there will be a drastic drop in accidents but it will definitely make things safer.

Weekly Picks

These are the things that I wanted to buy this week. There wasn’t very many products that I wanted this week so there are only two of them. I might not actually buy them but I do want them.

The Orange iPod Shuffle. Even though I have the silver first rev one I want the orange one because it looks cooler and it comes with the newly designed headphones, really cool!

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate. I know that many of you have been hating on Vista but I think its a great operating system and I plan to use it for my HTPC in the living room, that Media Center interface is beautiful and its more secure.

iPod Game, Vortex Demo

Wanna try out one of those iPod games but don’t want to shell out that $4.99 for one, well now you can try out Vortex for free. If you want to try it out now you can get it here.

iPod Shuffle Now with Colors

Now the iPod Shuffle coes in five colors similar to the iPod nano but with an added color, orange and a two subtracted, red and black. It seems likely that they’re will be a red version in the coming months but we may never see a black one, it wouldn’t really look right.

This makes me wish I waited for my iPod shuffle because I am all over that green one, it looks pretty!

Quantum Research Group Sueing Apple

Quantum research group is sueing Apple over the wonderful “click wheel” supposedly violating its patent for “charge-transfer technology.” The legal action began in 2005 but didn’t become public until now. Now if the claim is valid or not I don’t know and still remains to be seen but I don’t think that Apple will let their ingenius click wheel die. Well the click wheel may die with the introduction of the iPhone the new interface for the iPod could be the touch screen. I think that Apple may end up settling out of court like many of their other law suits but we’ll have to wait and see.

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