WebWait – Benchmark Your Website

WebWait is an interesting site, it allows you to test how long it takes to download a web page. Page size isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be with broadband internet becoming so readily available, but its still important. With this site it downloads the entire page to your web browser and tells you how long it takes. You can change two settings how many times it will download the page and how long to wait in the intervals between.

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Want a New Mac, Check here first

Every Mac lovers number one fear is buying a new Mac and 2 weeks later the one you buy is no longer the newest version. The problem with this primarily for Mac heads is that most likely the newest version is a bit faster, maybe cooler features and undoubtedly the same price.

Well no longer be worried about buying a new Mac, with a new site called Mactactic they have gages that tell you when it would be worth just waiting a bit longer for the next version. They even have estimates about how long you may have to wait for the next rev of the Mac.

Even better they have a Dashboard widget that lets you quickly glance every few days and see when is the best time to buy your mac. So if you’ve been eying a new 15″ MacBook Pro, it may still be a good value.

Mosoto.com an interesting Facebook site

This site uses your facebook account and adds some amazingly cool networking functionality to Facebook. It allows you to share and discover music and files with all of your friends.

Youtube gets legal TV episodes

Digital Music Group (DMG) has made a deal with YouTube sharing over 4,000 hours of video content. Including episodes of Gumby and I Spy. although they are a strange start but I think that this is something that Youtube needs to monotize and start making some money.

DMG will also be sharing some music videos and in return Youtube will share revenue from ads that are on the pages with the content on it.

Idea for a Website but no name, what to do?

If you have an idea for a website but just can’t think of a domain name for the site or the one you want has already been taken why don’t you head on over to 45n5.com where they have a post up with links to web pages that will help you with an idea for your new domain name.


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Online TV Pushing the Web to the Breaking Point

A Google exec said recently that soon we will be pushing the web to the breaking point, with demands for online video and websites like MySpace and Bebo we may see the Internet slow down in 2007. Read the article here.
I’m not sure if the Internet will break because I think there is enough bandwidth for all of us no matter what others say. Isn’t that the whole point of a switch over a hub anyways? to keep from getting collisions in a network. It seems to be a little silly that the Internet will break because we will be using “too much bandwidth.”

The makers of Joost also disagree with the statement saying that peer to peer technologies have taken great strides in making things much more scalable.

25GB of Free Online Storage

Everyone wants free storage. Its free and its storage and storage is great. MediaMax is giving away 25GB of free online storage for anything you want to put on it. I haven’t had a chance to sign up because I’ve been busy with Vista but I’ve read a bit about it and it sounds great.

The greatest thing is that there is a 1GB limit of data transfer which is usually around 100MB with other services. Check out the service here.

Forbes.com’s top 25 Web Celebs

Who I think are actually important…

Number 9, Robert Scoble
Number 10, Michael Arrington
Number 12, Jimmy Wales
Number 15, Cory Doctrow

Number 17, Leo Laporte
Number 18, Merlin Mann
Number 23, Jason Calacanis
Number 24, Om Malik

Not that I think they didn’t do a good job its just that I don’t think that those others have influenced as many people. 8 out of 25 aint bad at all. I know these people have influenced me. Especially Leo Laporte, I think he deserves a higher ranking because in my opinion he is one of hte most amazing people, not only a hard worker with the large amount of podcasts he does but also with his radio show and tv show. He is very influencial and I think they underestimated him. For the most part otherwise I think Forbes hit it right on the money (in my list anyway).

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