New Quad-Core Core 2 Extreme Chip Surfaces

The Inquirer has an article telling about an interesting upcoming processor from Intel. It will be similar to the current high end desktop chip except it will run at 2.93GHz.

The processor is said to be showing up in the 3rd quarter of this year and will be $999.

[via Inquirer]

Lower Prices for AMD chips today

AMD should be rolling out price cuts for its processors today after finally getting all the kinks out of its 65nm chips. The company will be cutting up to 35 percent on some high end chips.

The price cut is primarily due to Intels price cuts in the recent months. AMD and Intel have been in a pricing war for the past year or so now and have been undercutting each other left and right. AMD having disapointing 4th quarter results in the server market I’m sure they are glad that they got the 65nm manufacturing process going now. The 65nm process allows them to make more chips per wafer which allows them to produce more then previous 90nm process.

Intel however has been making 65nm chips for over a year now and may decide to either cut prices too or decide to leave them as they are seeing as they have much faster processors then AMD does right now.

AMD’s new price list can be found on their website here and is listed as price for OEM’s in 1,000 chip quantities.