Tivo Series 3 “Lite” Pictured

Gizmodo has got a hold of some pictures of the (hopefully) soon to be announced slimmed down Tivo Series 3. This device has been hinted at many times but no one has ever really talked much about it. The set top box is supposed to fix the problem of outrageous pricing on the current Series 3 Tivo’s. It is rumored to be priced at under $300 and be released this fall.

Here is one of the shots they have 3 more that you really should take a look at:

First Spy Pics of Upcoming Tivo Series 3 Lite?

$299 Blu-Ray Player in June

Pioneer will be the first to sell consumers a cheap next generation DVD drive, that is if no one beats them to the market. They are set to release there Blu-Ray player in the United States come June. The BDC-2202 can read BD-R discs at up to 5x and dual-layer discs at up to 2x. The greatest thing, is its price. It will be $299.

This will be the cheapest next generation DVD Drive but even if Toshiba or another company comes out with a HD-DVD drive that will be at the same price point. That means that the next gen dvd wars will be about what it has always needed to be about, not price, content.

Press Release [via CrunchGear]

Blu-Ray May Be Selling More Than HD-DVD

According to a story on InformationWeek, Blu-Ray seems to be selling more disks than HD-DVD is.

“Since the week ended Jan. 7, Blu-ray sales have ranged from a low of 63.3% to a high of 69.6%, VideoScan said Tuesday. On the week ended Feb. 18, the latest figures available, Blu-ray accounted for 65% of the market, compared with HD DVD’s 35%.”

This is big news for a lot of you out there who have been waiting to see which one will win. I think this is great but I do think of it a little bit differently than most other people. Most people tell others to wait it out and see which one wins, this is the way that I look at it. Figure out which one you like better and then try to convince everyone you know to think the same way, and have them do the same, so on and so on. Look, no format will win if no one buys either however if you convince everyone you know to buy one over the other than more people will be buying that format. If less people by the other than it may die leaving your favorite victorious, that is if you have a lot of friends otherwise your favorite could end up losing and you could have wasted money investing in a dead format. I guess this only works if you have a lot of friends.

Anyway you can check out the full article here.

Logitech Harmony 880

After dealing with the WordPress upgrade I today, received a Logitech Harmony 880 in the mail that I ordered about a week ago. I’m not trying to drool all over the keyboard right now but its hard not to. Not much to say about it right now because I’ve only had about an hour to play around with it but I will say this, anyone who has a home theater set up with 3 or more items on it you should spend a little bit of cash on a good universal remote to unclutter your coffee table.