Toshiba Debuts HD-DVD Burner for the Desktop

Toshiba announced the first desktop HD-DVD burner ever and I hope it will come with some software to watch the movies. Quick bit of the specs:
S-ATA interface
8MB Buffer
1x HD-DVD Single and Dual Layer Burning (SLOW)
2.4x Dual Layer DVD Burning
8x DVD-R Singe Layer

Check out the announcement page here which also has full specs.

Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Dual Player Coming

LG is going to be showing off a HD-DVD/Blu-ray Player at CES next week. LG will most likely be the first to have a hybrid player because Samsung is the only other company to talk about one and they already have a Blu-Ray player available and its not likely that they would have one before LG. The player seems pretty darn cool and I can’t wait to see it. I am now waiting to hear more about this before I buy myself a next gen player. I’m a little partial towards Blu-Ray because of the support of Disney but HD-DVD seems to be a bit cheaper than Blu-Ray, especially since I’ve found the old Toshiba players for $300.

I’m excited about CES aswell and the coverage by who will have videos up 4 times next week. I hope all of you watch next week because I think its one of the best video podcasts out there.

HD-DVD Encryption Cracked

Well not really but someone did get a hold of some of the decryption keys for a few of the movies and was able to write a command line application to decrypt the DVD. The video is here. The finder of these keys announced it on the Doom 9 forums. It seems that the user used a cracked player to obtain the keys but that won’t really help because if that is the case then the player could easily be updated when you put a new disc in it. I hope this is a real hack and is not going to be something that the movie studios can get around because I like to sometimes backup a DVD and throw it on my Laptop so that I can watch it on a trip and not have to bring along the disc.