Apple TV Stuff on the Net

The AppleTV has seemed to become a hacker magnet and their is so much coverage on the net about the AppleTV and it just started shipping last week. Since CyberSurge has become another AppleTV blog as of late, I’ve decided to just show you some more about it and give it a rest for a bit, that is unless something really cool happens (at the rate of the hacks that is possible).

AppleTV Hacker is a blog about all of the cool things that you can do with the Apple TV that you might not have thought was possible

Check out the Apple TV screensaver over at the Unofficial Apple Weblog

You can also download the AppleTV startup video here, along with the Quartz Composer Screen Saver, the Now Playing Screen, and the AppleTV OS

(AppleTV OS no longer available here but is available on many torrent sites)

Heck lets throw in a video of the AppleTV OS running on a Macbook

The blog post about the MacBook

Apple TV Booting from External Hard Drive

I don’t really understand why they are using composite cables for the component video, I didn’t really realize that would work but I guess there is no reason for it not to. This is pretty cool though, it does mean that people will be able to make modifications to the AppleTV without opening it up. I just don’t quite understand how they got it to boot from an external drive.
The AwkwardTV website isn’t up, it seems to have been dugg to death but I’ll let you know if I learn more about this hack.
[via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

120GB Apple TV

A tipster told Engadget that he was able to upgrade the 40GB drive in his Apple TV to a 120GB hard drive. That seems a little bit better doesn’t it. I always thought that the 40GB hard drive was a little small, my iPod has a bigger hard drive than that.


The Guest Zune Hack

On ZuneBoards someone has come up with a way to connect a guest Zune to a computer as if it was the home Zune. This is pretty handy for adding files to your Zune from another computer without erasing everything.

I have been talking to my friends lately about MP3 players. They all love iPods and I do too but I do believe that iPods are not for everyone. I don’t think the Zune is great however I do believe that in time with many hacks and so on the Zune will become a very interesting mp3 player especially for those who love to hack stuff.

Anyway check out a pic of the hack and check the link after the jump.

The Guest Zune Hack

Matte Screen MacBook

I have a MacBook and I actually love the glossy screen but I do know that a lot of people out there hate the glossy screen and prefer a matte screen. One MacBook owner hated the glossy screen so much that he decided to put a new screen into his MacBook from a Sony notebook.The MacBook looks pretty good and it gets me in the mood to do some modification myself, I won’t do any because I don’t want to kill any of my computers, but I do want to.

MacRumors Forum [via UneasySilence]

Wii Loads Game Backups with no modchip

This looks like a pretty reliable video. But for every one of these types of videos you gotta wonder if they just have a Wii sitting underneath the table. But this seems to be for real.

“A modified Nintendo Wii boots a backup of Red Steel. There is no modchip in the Wii, there is a parallel port cable soldered to the drive board. The cable costs under 3 dollars to make.”

802.11n in Core Duo MacBook

Hard Mac has put an 802.11n Mac Pro card in a Core Duo MacBook. The task involves removing several screws and the keyboard from you MacBook but it does work. Its amazing that the MacPro and the MacBooks are using if not the same, then extremely similar Airport cards.

I’m actually considering this because I am in the market for a new Router and the Airport Extreme looks very appealing to me, but I don’t have 802.11n in my notebook now I can hack myself 802.11n and get the greater throughput of N.

Check out there little step by step guide here.